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A wireless office is your future

WiFi networks are now commonplace but Shine and Samsung are raising the bar with a new suite of Wireless Enterprise solutions.
The Wireless Enterprise WLAN Manager (WEM) monitors access points (APs) and access point controllers (APCs), ensuring that users get the best network capabilities out of their products. It also tracks the status of the wireless environment, granting operators fast and reliable WLAN access.

Seamless integration with business systems and telephone handsets.

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Our Vision for your office...
A wireless voice, data & mobile solution.

Smart Intuitive WLAN

Wireless Intrusion Prevention

Each AP has a built-in module providing real-time RF monitoring for WLAN security without requiring an additional sensor AP or impacting service provision.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with existing phone systems and business systems. The Wireless Enterprise solution has been designed to be future proof. The system is also backwards compatible with existing ISDN technology which is soon to be redundant.

Remote Monitoring for Improved Troubleshooting

As the WEM can remotely monitor the status of wireless networks at anytime, it is possible to control from anywhere via a smartphone or another mobile device. It is able to identify and troubleshoot faults, minimising network downtime and enhancing reliability. When the fault occurs, operators will be able to access real-time status reports and solve problems by sending error messages to the smartphone of the IT administrator

Self Organising Network (SON)

Self Organising Network technology automatically adjusts the transmission power and selects channels. It also optimises cell configuration and size taking into consideration device characteristics.

Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA)

Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna creates an optimal RF pattern using multiple physical antennae to minimise shadow areas, enhancing the receive sensitivity by 2db or more and delivering 30% greater coverage. This is particularly critical for mobile devices with typically lower transmission power.