Our green credentials

It may seem to an individual, that any changes they make alone to reduce their carbon footprint is futile. However, our management and staff strongly believe that small changes can make a big difference.

Making a difference

We have made many positive alterations to internal processes and procedures; with the goal being: ‘…to make a difference’.

  • Our corporate Head Office (located in a large technology park, using efficient communal facilities) has been strategically chosen to make the average staff commute shorter, whilst at the same time promoting the use of public transport via improved access, the services now being very close by.

  • The Shine office management agent is certified to ISO 14001:2004, a globally recognised environmental management system. The international standard specifies a process for controlling and improving an organisation’s environmental performance.

  • Using the full functionality of ShineCloud also means some of our staff can now systematically work from home; helping the environment by reducing our carbon
    footprint and saving them money!

  • Having an open minded and forward thinking management board makes a real difference to a business; one such example being the decision to switch all
    executive vehicles to fully electric. With other company cars following the same line by the end of 2023. The vans used by our installation engineers are to also switch to hybrid or full electric where possible by 2026.

  • Shine also use network carriers that, where possible, promote ‘Green Minutes’.

Our carbon champion

The Shine Networks ‘Carbon Champion‘, Sally Hayler, who is tasked with encouraging environmentally friendly thinking within the workplace, has already helped instigate some positive changes:

  • Separate bins under each desk to allow for recycling;
  • Company subsidies for using public transport;
  • An 80% reduction in the use of paper;
  • Removal of large TV wallboards for reduced power consumption;
  • Reusable coffee cups for all staff that visit the onsite Starbucks;
  • Ensure all PC’s are shut-down when leaving a desk; and
  • Promote the use of ShineCloud Meeting Module for video calling.

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