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Helpful features & optional bolt-ons

SC Mobile Apps

Work on the move and experience efficiency at its best with the SC Mobile App. A true mobile unified communications app integrated into your ShineCloud hosted system. Designed to provide your users with a set of features and benefits capable of transforming your company’s communications, and fully compatible with Android and iOS.

SC Call Recording

Easily accessible via your ShineCloud web portal, your unencrypted call recordings are available for up to 30 days. Recordings can also be downloaded and saved to a local device. For those requiring storage and integration with the ShineCloud portal beyond 30 days, we have extended storage options available, including unlimited. Please ask for further details.

SC Call Reporting

A straightforward and free management tool.
Who’s been using the phone the most?
How many inbound & outbound calls were made?
Do you know how many missed calls there have been today?
How long have staff been on the phone?

ShineCloud has the answers!

SC Voicemail &

Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Email is yet another inclusive feature with

ShineCloud. A sound file is attached to an email, so you can pick up your voicemail wherever you are. In addition, using Google Speech-to-Text, the message will automatically be translated as part of the email. If you are in the office, you can listen to your voicemail via your desk-phone.

SC Call Conferencing

Quickly and easily setup a multiparty conference call, and depending on the host’s handset, invite from 3 to 10 people into a single conference. For larger conference calls, see the SC Conference Bridge tab below! All

ShineCloud conference facilities are available to internal and external numbers.

SC Disaster Recovery

No telecoms company can realistically guarantee a fault free service and in the unlikely event a fault does occur, ShineCloud can help minimise your recovery time. Should your Broadband service fail for example, an automatic divert to a predefined number (mobile or landline) would kick in – thus saving you valuable time.

SC Greeting Messages

Maintain a professional image for your business by making full use of the free of charge ShineCloud greeting message feature. Greet callers with a detailed and informative or plain and simple message, even something like ‘Thank you for calling ABC Co, please hold while we transfer you.’ can really help provide a comfort factor to your clients.

SC Music on Hold

Virtually all businesses have likely placed a caller on hold at some point, the key is making sure they remain on hold, are content and do not hang-up! Providing Music on Hold as standard,

ShineCloud improves your customer experience, making your business more professional and appealing. Options are also available for bespoke company on hold adverts – see ‘SC Pro Greeting’ below.

SC Pro Greeting

For something more bespoke to your business, look no further than our SC Pro Greeting package. Script your own personalised messages, recorded by a professional voice artist, and mixed with your choice of 22 music tracks. The perfect way to greet customers and upsell your products and services.

SC Call Queue

If callers sometimes struggle to get through, you have staff shortages/ holiday periods to cover or have certain times of the week that are busier than others, request SC Call Queue to be added to your ShineCloud platform. When in a queue, callers can be told their position in queue and average wait time, as well as hearing your ‘Music on Hold’ or ‘SC Pro Greeting’ messages.

SC Auto Attendant

Love them or hate them, Auto Attendants (‘press 1 for sales’, ‘2 for accounts’, etc.) are popular amongst businesses in all market sectors; being an ideal solution for directing callers to the correct team or department. Professionally record your SC AA welcome message by adding SC Pro Greeting.

SC Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)

For some additional resilience, connect a UPS to your network to maintain the power to your phones in the event you have a short power cut. Your UPS would also serve to protect your equipment in the event of a power surge and spike. UPS’s can also be requested that fit a 19” data rack.

A Stylish Range of
Handsets & Ancillaries

As one of the world’s leading telecoms manufacturers, Yealink boast a comprehensive range of hardware to connect to your ShineCloud platform, including:

  • IP/SIP Phones
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Headsets
  • Ancillaries

SC Communicator

A low cost, advanced addition to your ShineCloud system, SC Communicator provides feature-rich softphone applications, powerful unified messaging and enhanced integration with your network PC’s. With the SC CRM module, integrate your telephones with your database/ CRM system. Compatible databases include:

SC Contact Centre

Give your business all the tools it needs to effectively start and manage inbound call campaigns with detailed statistics, reporting and monitoring. Perfect for small contact centres, informal call centres, small sales teams or similar, SC Contact Centre provides agent and supervisor functionality coupled with wallboards and detailed call management.

SC Call-2-Teams

Teams isn’t nearly as feature-rich or cost effective as ShineCloud when it comes to telephony, so for collaboration stick with your Teams and for your telephones, use ShineCloud. For the perfect all round solution integrate the two using SC Call-2-Teams.

Optional bolt-ons

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With you all of the way

1. Plan

Although provisioning ShineCloud is straightforward, we still believe that thorough, in depth planning and project management are very important factors. Your dedicated UK-based Project Manager will be on hand should you have any questions. Their aim is to make your switch to ShineCloud as smooth, seamless and stress free as possible!

2. Provision

Installation of your new ShineCloud service will be conducted by highly trained engineers, with Yealink CIPPE certification. All of our engineers have a vast amount of experience in delivering both fixed line and hosted applications to organisations of all sizes – whether single or multisite.

For satellite sites, or where no engineering visit is required, your handsets will be sent directly to site, pre-configured. For the excellent ShineCloud Mobile Apps, a QR code is generated and e-mailed to the user – they simply download the App, scan the QR code, reset the password and they’re ready to go!

3. Train

As you would expect, training is provided on all ShineCloud services we supply, onsite dedicated trainers are also available for larger installations or if requested. In addition, a basic electronic user guide is available for all users.

Full training, provided either remotely or onsite, is also provided on the bespoke ShineCloud admin and user portals.

4. Support

Integral Disaster Recovery (DR), ongoing account management and technical support, are all key to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly. As such during your contracted hours your ShineCloud solution will provide:

ShineCloud deployed world-wide

As well as hundreds of sites on home turf, ShineCloud services have also been deployed world wide, to countries including:

+ many more!

Deepest Alaska

For many months, whilst on expedition in deepest Alaska, a client successfully ran his wedding car business using the excellent ShineCloud Mobile App. Used
for both making and receiving calls (using WiFi through a satellite Broadband connection) he continued to trade as if in his UK office.

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