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ShineCloud is designed and built for a mass market so the chances are, we have already helped many businesses just like yours. Whether you are looking to integrate your telephones to your computers/database or just make and receive calls, talk to our expert Account Managers for some sound advice. Below you will find just a small sample of the most commonly encountered ‘key requests, drivers and objectives’ we hear on a daily basis and how your new ShineCloud solution ticks the boxes:

Your drivers & objectives

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Save money/keep costs low

You are likely to find that switching to ShineCloud will not only improve functionality and make your business more efficient but also save you a significant amount of money. In a high percentage of cases, we find clients savings can be many thousands over the agreement term.

How do the phones work for multiple sites?

ShineCloud is absolutely perfect for multisite setups and can be configured to meet the vast array of requirements and call routing requests. Amongst many benefits, incoming calls can ring at one site then forward to another or ring multiple sites concurrently, making internal calls is as simple as dialing an extension number and more sites can be added quickly and easily. Not to mention that all calls between your sites are free!

Will l have call reports?

Call Reports come as standard and are easily accessible via your dedicated ShineCloud Portal. Reports can even be scheduled so they appear in your inbox each day!

Will our calls be recorded?

Amongst the 400+ inclusive standard features is full Call Recording. Available for inbound, outbound and internal calls. Recording can be accessed quickly and easily via your dedicated ShineCloud portal. Call Recording can be disabled if not required.

A professional feel when customers call in

No matter how many staff, we feel it’s important for every business to provide a professional image to clients when they call in, as such ShineCloud comes with a FOC ‘Welcome Message’ as standard. This can also be tailored to your business.

Reception will require a larger phone to show all extensions

A full suite of stylish, headset compatible, handsets is available and include ‘Reception’ style phones with lots of buttons, as well as conference room phones and also cordless. If preferred, Reception users can have screen based software to manage/handle calls and for a visual indication of each extension’s status. See our section on SC Communicator for further information.

Is there much disruption and will l lose my phones for a hours when switching?

As there is no telephone ‘box on the wall’ it is simply a case of swapping phones on desks. Ultimately, when upgrading your telephone system there is always likely to be an element of downtime, although when switching to ShineCloud this tends to be minutes. In fact, most customers don’t even realise that the switch has happened!

We would like client database integration so records appear etc. on screen when client’s call in.

ShineCloud will integrate with many leading CRM systems via the SC Communicator application. This can provide inbound client ‘screen popping’, click to dial functionality from your database, instant messaging between your staff, etc. For a full overview of this service and the databases we can connect to, visit the ShineCloud Apps page.

What’s the perfect telecoms solution for my business now and as it grows?


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