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Locating/contacting staff, protecting hardware from possible abuse, site security and safety after often among some of the top problematic areas to be dealt with by key staff. A lack of budget can hinder choices but as time has progressed however, technology has emerged in the form of ShineCloud to help with many of the day to day issues faced by education. Below you will find just a small sample of the most commonly encountered ‘key requests, drivers and objectives’ we hear on a daily basis and how your new ShineCloud solution ticks the boxes:

Your drivers & objectives

Your Solution

We have an existing system to direct incoming callers, namely ‘press 1 for the Bursar’, etc. This need to be maintained.

Auto Attendants have been used in educational setups for decades and when switching to ShineCloud you have access to as many AA levels and voicemail boxes as you need. As an advantage of using cloud, if a parent caller for example presses ‘1 to report your child absent’, the phones can not only ring in the office, but also concurrently on remote handsets/devices no matter where they are! Menu ‘Options’ can also be set as default to go directly to a voicemail box.

We would like to use voicemail for some users.

Available for one or all, voicemail is a basic feature that ShineCloud makes even better! When voicemail messages are left, your ShineCloud system can automatically convert the message and send in an e-mail for ease of access. Not only this, but by using Google transcribe, the content of the voicemail will also be converted in to text and displayed in the body of the e-mail – helping to improve efficiency. Many other voicemail routing options are also available, bringing voicemail to the 21st century.

It’s important to maintain contact with staff whilst around the site.

ShineCloud boasts an extensive range of Yealink handsets for you to choose from, both cabled and with WiFi connection capability. The range includes fixed, cordless, conference phones and headsets, as well as a selection of enhanced cordless ruggedised handsets with ‘man down’ alarms etc., and other security features – all perfect for educational environments and for maintaining contact no matter where you are. For mobile phones, there is the ShineCloud Mobile App – making users part of the main system.

Is it long-winded to access the Emergency Services using your phones?

Not at all; all but the most basic Yealink desk-phones have a ‘one touch’ emergency button that can be programmed to automatically dial 999 if required.

Can you provide WiFi?

Ubiquity are one of the foremost names in WiFi solutions, so for more than just the WiFi provided by your Broadband router, talk to us for comprehensive advice and proposal. As an added incentive, most handsets supplied under your ShineCloud service can connect via WiFi – thus negating the need for any network cabling and enabling phones to be installed into those hard to reach areas around the site!

Work within a tight budget

You are likely to find that switching to ShineCloud will not only improve functionality and tick some government guideline boxes, but also make the site more efficient – and all whilst fitting in the constrains of a most budgets.

Can l connect our school paging system to ShineCloud?

The large majority of existing paging systems can be connected successfully to ShineCloud. In fact, almost any ‘analogue’ device can be connected; these might include doorphones, external bells, existing conference phone phones, etc.

What’s the perfect telecoms solution for our site?


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