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Manufacturing environments can often be hazardous to certain technology, noisy and cover large areas. This can make tracking down key staff time-consuming and inefficient; whilst providing a phone at each location is not always practical due to cabling constraints, dirt and grime. Help is at hand however, below you will find just a small sample of the most commonly encountered ‘key requests, drivers and objectives’ we hear on a daily basis and how your new ShineCloud solution ticks the boxes:

Your drivers & objectives

Your Solution

A professional feel when customers call in

No matter what the size of your business, we feel it’s important for every business to provide a professional image to clients when they call in, as such ShineCloud comes with a FOC ‘Welcome Message’ as standard. This can also be tailored to your business.

Can l connect our paging system to ShineCloud?

The large majority of existing paging systems can be connected successfully to ShineCloud. In fact, almost any ‘analogue’ device can be connected; these might include doorphones, bells, existing conference phones, etc.

Do you offer WiFi?

Ubiquity are one of the foremost names in business WiFi solutions, so for more than just the WiFi provided by your Broadband router, talk to us for comprehensive advice and proposal. As an added incentive, most handsets supplied under your ShineCloud service can connect via WiFi – thus negating the need for any network cabling and enabling phones to be installed into those hard to reach desk areas on your factory floor!

Save money/keep costs low

You are likely to find that switching to ShineCloud will not only improve functionality and make your business more efficient but also save you a significant amount of money. In a high percentage of cases, we find clients savings can be many thousands over the agreement term.

We need cordless/mobile handsets for our roaming workers.

ShineCloud boasts an extensive range of Yealink handsets for you to choose from, both cabled and with WiFi/Bluetooth connection capability. The range includes fixed, cordless, conference phones and headsets, as well as a selection of enhanced cordless ruggedised handsets with ‘man down’ alarms etc., and other security features – all ideal for manufacturing environments. For mobiles, there is the ShineCloud Mobile App.

See any missed calls

High end features such as Call Reporting are taken for granted by larger companies but the good news is, this feature and many more are now included as standard on all ShineCloud installations. Therefore, as well as seeing any missed calls via your SC desk phone or on your SC Mobile App, you can also log in to your ShineCloud Portal and view historical call reports – including, missed calls!

What’s the perfect telecoms solution for my business now and as it grows?


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