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As the only approved telecoms supplier for the NPA we have plenty of experience in providing solutions for pharmacies across the country. In fact we have provided telephone, mobile, Broadband and other services for literally hundreds of pharmacies - ranging from a single site to groups with 60+. Our specialist pharmacy Account Managers understand your requirements and will deliver cost effective solutions with the minimum of fuss. Below you will find just a small sample of the most commonly encountered ‘key requests, drivers and objectives’ we hear on a daily basis and how your new ShineCloud solution ticks the boxes:

Your drivers & objectives

Your Solution

We only have one desk phone in the pharmacy, how does ShineCloud work for our other ‘roaming’ workers?

There is a comprehensive range of easy to use fixed and cordless phones available with ShineCloud, the cordless phones being very popular with our existing pharmacy customers. You can also use the SC Mobile App of course.

Reduce the number of engaged tones for customers on incoming calls

As ShineCloud does not use the old and dated analogue network, you are able to make and receive multiple concurrent calls using your SC Broadband connection – so no more engaged tones for your customers. If all of your handsets are in use, a voicemail or SC Call Queuing system is available.

Add a welcome message

ShineCloud comes with a FOC ‘Welcome Message’ as standard. This can also be changed as required meaning you can tailor it to your business.

What happens with our fax machine?

Fax to e-mail is the new norm for pharmacies and it will come as standard with your ShineCloud NPA package – meaning that any incoming fax will be automatically delivered to you in an e-mail. For outbound, either scan and e-mail (negating the need for your fax machine altogether) or keep your fax machine purely for outbound.

Do the phones still ring when we close for lunch?

Your dedicated Shine Project Manager will discuss your pharmacy open and closed times with you and how you wish to handle calls during those times. In most instances, ShineCloud is configured to automatically play a bespoke message to incoming callers advising of open/closed times.

How do the phones work for multiple sites?

ShineCloud is absolutely perfect for multisite setups and can be configured to meet the vast array of requirements and call routing requests. Amongst many benefits, incoming calls can ring at one site then forward to another or ring multiple sites concurrently, internal calls are as simple as dialing an extension number and more sites can be added quickly and easily. Not to mention that all calls between your sites are free!

Will our calls be recorded?

Amongst the 400+ inclusive standard features is full Call Recording. Available for inbound, outbound and internal calls. Recording can be accessed quickly and easily via your dedicated ShineCloud portal. Call Recording can be disabled if not required.

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